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Hand Woven Carpet NFT

Implementation of selling virtual credit of hand woven carpets in blockchain NFT

One of the applications of blockchain is the supply of non-replaceable tokens (NFT). NFT may seem like a passing frenzy, but with more than $ 10 billion in trading in the third quarter of 2021, it’s clear that the technology is a tool that enables us to monetize digital content and become a large industry.

NFTs represent the ownership of a digital asset such as a digital work of art. NFTs are built and transferred on the Ethereum blockchain. Who owns an NFT token is recorded in the blockchain, and all systems connected to the blockchain have access to that token information, and no one can modify the recorded information.

Iranian carpet, which is one of the oldest and most fundamental wealth and is known all over the world as a symbol of art and culture of Iranian society, has the ability to use the NFT token tool to transfer the quality and reputation of Iranian carpet throughout Iran and the world.

This project is being piloted in three cities in Iran comprised of Qom, Tabriz and Isfahan.


Carpet NFT Pilot statistics :

  • The best-selling month in the sale of carpet NFTs: $ 37,500       
  • Sales of carpet NFT pilot platform in the first 6 months of 2021: $ 96,000
  • Total carpet NFT local market capacity   $ 100 million

Carpet digital ownership document

Using NFT capabilities and in the world of digital ownership, there is the ability to create tokens for each carpet, and the buyer of that token is the holder of the digital form of that carpet. The blockchain platform allows us to use basic information to validate the original version of the carpet; Therefore, we will create NFT hand woven carpets through this unique platform in order to prevent any misuse while creating other management facilities and to enable the presence of Iranian hand woven carpet merchants and artists in international markets.

We are ready to begin a cooperation with a potential customer seeking cost effective products and services and access to qualified workforce in IT solutions. ​