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Product Discovery

Test if your future product is viable, feasible, and usable

During the discovery phase, a team of dedicated BMHT experts shape the final scope of your solution. It is based on the coordinated goals of different business stakeholders, the user journey map, and market research. Also, the team validates all assumptions and hypotheses from different perspectives: Business Analysis, UX, and IT Architecture. Furthermore, it produces all the deliverables required to efficiently kick off the implementation phase.

Product Discovery Phase Computer web design scree


  • Final product vision
  • Backlog
  • Roadmap


  • Prototype or wireframes
  • Screen flows
  • Style guide


  • Architecture documentation
  • Tech stack identification
  • CI/CD pipeline

Software Testing

  • Time and cost estimates
  • Team composition
  • Project roadmap


  1. Reduced development costs
  2. Architecture tailored to business objectives
  3. Preliminary solution roadmap
  4. Defined business needs, goals, and metrics
  5. Efficient resource management
  6. Minimized risks


An average Discovery Phase lasts for three weeks. However, its duration can vary depending on your needs from one to four weeks. During this time, a team of dedicated BMHT specialists (the Solution Group) collect all the project artifacts and produce the deliverables that you need to transition to the implementation phase.

Week 1
The Business Analysis and the UX expert collaborate on eliciting and validating the requirements. The UX expert performs the user research and competition analysis. The BA expert is working on the main system flows that will frame the product. Other Solution Group Experts may also be involved in the processes.
Week 2
When all the requirements are validated, the UX expert produces user screen flows and builds a prototype. Meanwhile, the Solution Architect and the Technology expert define the most suitable architecture for the solution and create Architecture Documentation. Also, they choose the most appropriate technology stack and define a CI/CD pipeline. Those activities can take place during the first and third week as well if required.
Week 3
The Solution Group generates a backlog with the tasks ready for implementation, a Work Breakdown Structure, and a Project Roadmap which defines key milestones and shows how short-term efforts will help to achieve strategic business goals.
It models the user interaction with the future product and enables testing its usability and viability.
Architecture documentation
A cost-effective way to mitigate substantial risks. With a set of architectural views, it gives early confidence in accomplishing system-related business goals.
CI/CD Pipeline
As a backbone of the system development, a CI/CD pipeline covers the system deployment infrastructure view and outlines the way how the software delivery steps will be automated so that development starts and continues in a proper way.
Project Roadmap
The document which defines key milestones and shows how short-term efforts will help to achieve strategic business goals.
The team behind effective Product Discovery
A Discovery Phase at BMHT is performed by a team of dedicated specialists (the Solution Group). The team comprises the Solution Architect (the Head of the Solution Group), the UX expert, the Business Analysis expert, and the Technology expert (a Solution Group Associate). However, when additional expertise is needed, other experienced BMHTprofessionals are engaged in the process.

Why Us

About Us - BMHT - Your Professional Partner on Software Solution

Full product development cycle

We can assist you through full product development cycle which starts from analysis and requirements gathering and continues to design, implementation testing, deployment and maintenance. Our professional consultants can also help you with the existing product improvement, adjust it to changing market needs and advise on monetization strategy.

Global Delivery

BMHT has office locations and offshore delivery centers near technology hubs in Europe and North America. Digital transformation and communicative technologies that expand the notion of collaboration and break down the regulatory barriers enable BMHT to address the global needs of our clients. We have the longstanding and growing presence in more than 15 countries.

Quality-driven delivery model

Compliant with ISO 9001 quality management standards, we focus on quality throughout the development process instead of moving QA towards the end of product development cycle. Our teams apply defects prevention practices such as TDD and BDD (Behavior Driven Development) to minimize re-work and shorten time to market.

Information security

While our infrastructure security solutions protect your corporate information from external threats, all sensitive data that you share with your product development team is subject to NDA and is protected by strong corporate policies.

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